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ACLU Launches "Blog Of Rights Symposium"

In recognition of Pride month, the ACLU has launched the Blog Of Rights Symposium, which features posts from many of the nation's top LGBT bloggers.
"We know that people's attitudes about LGBT people are more likely to be supportive when they have had an opportunity to talk to LGBT people about what it means to be LGBT," said Matt Coles, Director of the ACLU's LGBT & AIDS Project. "We're hoping this symposium will spark many of those important conversations."

...The LGBT Pride symposium marks the second in a continuing series of symposiums hosted by the ACLU. The ACLU Blog of Rights will serve as an online home for the discussion of crucial civil liberties issues including privacy, freedom of speech and religion, capital punishment, racial justice, voter rights, and the rights of LGBT people, immigrants, women, and prisoners. Blog posts will highlight current legislation, litigation and efforts to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The ACLU Blog of Rights is online at:

The ACLU's LGBT Project recently launched its LGBT activist toolkit, Get Busy, Get Equal, to encourage LGBT people to work for equality in their communities. In addition to the blog, which features a weekday roundup of LGBT news and discussion about the ACLU's advocacy on behalf of LGBT people, the site provides instructions on how to organize and work to pass local ordinances barring LGBT discrimination, domestic partner registries and safe school policies. The Get Busy, Get Equal toolkit is online at
Check out the Blog Of Rights Symposium. Posts on civil equality are already up from Pam Spaulding, Bil Browning, John Aravosis, Kate Clinton, Andrew Belonsky, and many others.

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