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Bears, Otters, And 10,000 Assorted Pervs

Folsom Street East was a barrel of monkeys pony boys yesterday. Despite the on and off thunderstorms early in the day, West 28th Street was mobbed by 4pm. And when the rain returned for an hour or so, there was no available cover for most of us, so we all just left our cakes out in the rain. Pretty much every person in I know in the tri-state area was in attendance and I got to meet a passle of cute JMG readers as well. (Hello Rich, Sue, Brent, Wilson.) Congrats to John Weiss and his legion of volunteers for another great event. [Photo by Father Tony. Pictured: Farmboy C, Glennalicious, Little Nick, JMG, Chris. Here's a gallery of probably NSFW pics by Father Tony.]

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