Main | Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charging For The Wrong Service

As Dan Savage says, "Somebody give this guy an airline to run."
Airlines know that people prefer to bring their bags on board because they want to avoid the time and hassle needed to collect them at baggage claim and the risk that they'll be lost. Charging to check bags, then, is foolish because it is an attempt to get passengers to pay for something that they don't want to do anyway – and will seek to avoid by trying to bring more of their baggage on board.

That's why charging for bringing luggage on board makes good sense. Those who are adept at barging their way first onto the plane will complain loudly if the airlines initiate this proposal. The rest of us, though, will take great comfort in knowing that they have to pay extra when they stuff the overhead compartments with their oversize luggage.
Even before this checked baggage charge nonsense started, my biggest air travel gripe was the ultra-maroons who tried to bring gorilla-sized trunks into the cabin and then argued with the flight crew about it, slowing down boarding for everyone. And now it's going to get much, much worse. Checked bags should be free. Having to pay for the convenience of bringing a suitcase into the cabin is a much more sensible.


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