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Gays Say "No" To Nunn

Noted gays are urging the Obama campaign to back away from any consideration of former Sen. Sam Nunn as a potential running mate, pointing to his "No" vote in the 1996 ENDA battle (which lost by only one vote) and his 1993 orchestration of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Via MyDD:
Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank told the Rothenberg Political Report, June 20th, that "he would have a hard time voting for the [Democratic] ticket" if Sen. Barack Obama picks former United States Sen. Sam Nunn as his vice-presidential running-mate".

Frank, who is the first openly gay member of Congress, pointed to Nunn's vote against the Employee Non-discrimination Act in 1996 as his main reason for opposing an Obama/Nunn ticket in November. Frank went on to say, "I would be virtually useless in trying to convince other gays and lesbians to support the ticket."

Would an Obama/Nunn ticket dampen Sen. Obama's support among gay and lesbian Americans? Or would they put aside their reservations of an Obama/Nunn ticket and fall in line with other Democrats who are desperate for a return to the White House after eight years of GOP control.

If the words of Congressman Barney Frank ring true, Sam Nunn as Obama's vice presidential running mate might result in the GLBT community sitting out the presidential race.
Gay activist David Mixner:
"Sam Nunn would be a disaster as a running mate and a total anathema to millions of Americans,” wrote gay rights advocate and Democratic Party fundraiser David Mixner on his blog. “His presence would totally diminish the power of the Obama campaign notion of change” and “would show that ‘politics as usual’ has supplanted the ‘change in politics’ mantra.”
Nunn has said recently that it might be time for "revisiting" the issue of DADT, but refused to call for its repeal.

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