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HomoQuotable - Will Bower

"The most important issue to me is the democratic principle itself. I see this season as having put forth an anti-democratically elected candidate. So for me, that’s the biggest issue of all. And if we go down a path, where, you know, the parties don’t uphold democratic principles, then who’s going to uphold democratic principles?

"So that’s my biggest issue of all and that transcends Republican or Democrat. At this stage of the game, I’m planning to vote for McCain. That’s me as an individual. I’m not speaking for PUMA or its members." -Huffington Post columnist Will Bower, speaking to Fox News.

Bower is one of the organizers of PUMA - "Party Unity, My Ass" - a grassroots group meant to unite voters who are upset that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. According to Bower, some members of PUMA are planning to disrupt the Democratic Convention.

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