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Brits To Pay Gay Troops To March In Pride Parades

The British government has told gay soldiers that they can expense their participation in gay pride parades, much to the dismay of straight soldiers.
Gay troops have been told they can submit claims for their car mileage or train tickets to marches in London on Saturday and in Brighton next month. Heterosexual soldiers have criticised the move saying they are not allowed to claim money for trips to important functions, including the Queen's Garden Party. It will also be the first time Army and RAF troops will be allowed to march in uniform, Royal Navy soldiers are already allowed.

One homosexual soldier said: "Any straight guys wishing to have a piss-up in London should just sign up to go on the Gay Pride march. "It's a no-brainer – especially if you're stationed in Scotland. "A refusal of expenses claims would be a breach of the Sexual Orientation Discrimination Regulations. It would also be a breach to stipulate that you have to be gay to go."

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "Personnel will be considered on duty for the uniformed parade element of the Gay Pride event. "It is normal practice for personnel attending an event on duty to be able to claim for travel expenses." The spokesman said soldiers are not allowed to claim for trips to the Queen's Garden Party because they are not considered "on duty" when at the event.
How many straight soldiers would consider marching in the pride parade just to get a free trip to London? Interesting dilemma, I imagine.

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