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Charlie Crist "Engaged" For Fifth Time

Well, that didn't take long. Florida Governor Charlie Crist became engaged today to Carole Rome, 38, a woman he met only nine months ago on a trip to New York. Rome has two daughters, 9 and 11 years-old, from a marriage that ended in 2007. She is president of the Franco-American Novelty Company, a century-old Glendale, NY-based Halloween costume wholesaler owned by her family. (Maybe he was first attracted to her by the music that plays on her company's site? GAY.) The company's motto is "Where Fashion Meets Halloween." Rome currently lives on Miami's exclusive Fisher Island, an artificial island in Biscayne Bay formerly owned by the Vanderbilts.

Crist, 51, says Rome accepted his proposal "without hesitation" and that he hopes he and Rome can have a child of their own. Crist has been single for nearly 30 years after a six month marriage in 1979. Crist's father has claimed that his son has been engaged three other times since then.

Most of you skeptics will say, "Oh, come on! Crist is clearly a closet case who is rapidly engineering a sham marriage in order to amplify his chances of being chosen as John McCain's running mate!" What, a 30-year bachelor who used to patronize gay bars can't coincidentally fall in love with and marry a zillionaire "socialite heiress" at the same time he's being considered for Vice President?


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