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DJ Neil Lewis Collection For Sale

Dance music and vinyl junkies will be interested to learn that the vast collection of legendary late DJ Neil Lewis is now for sale.
As one of the most highly regarded DJs on the international dance circuit for nearly two decades, Neil Lewis captivated audiences and inspired a generation of loyal fans from around the globe with his mesmerizing and incomparable musical style. Beyond his historic residency at San Francisco's Pleasuredome, Neil established his world-class reputation at some of the most popular dance events around the world, including Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, Folsom Street Fair weekend's Magnitude, and Black & Blue Weekend in Montreal. The loss from his untimely death is still deeply felt by the dance world and by all those who loved his music and his gentle spirit.

But his memory and his musical legacy live on.
So many of my fondest memories of my time in San Francisco are woven into the soundtrack that Neil provided us. Every weekend on SF's dance floors his fans would gather together as a giant family. We called ourselves "Neilies". I remain in awe of Neil's talent and generosity.

The entire 7000+ piece collection (listed in Excel format) is being sold as one item and includes many hundreds of classic impossible-to-find releases. Neil was meticulous with his vinyl and I'd imagine that virtually all of the pieces are in pristine condition. His collection represents an aural archive of 20 years of gay nightclub culture and we can only trust that the lucky person who takes it treats it as such.

Neil Lewis: September 14, 1965 - February 29, 2004

Full disclosure: As some of you may know, I was one of the producers of Neil's two commercial CD releases: Magnitude 2000 and Magnitude: Late Night, however I have nothing to do with this sale.

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