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Hungarian Court: Gay Bashing Is Freedom Of Speech

Four of more than a dozen people arrested for throwing eggs at a gay pride march in Budapest on Saturday received minor fines on Wednesday, while charges against three others were dismissed and charges against the others were dropped. Those fined were convicted only because they refused to obey a police order to disperse.

In delivering the verdicts in the case the court ruled that simply throwing eggs at a group you disagree with is simply an exercise in free speech Hungarian media reported Wednesday. The court noted that police on the scene of the parade at first did not want to file charges against the protestors but were ordered to do so by senior officers.

Dozens of protesters from a right wing Hungarian nationalist group clashed with marchers and police on Saturday. Marchers were pelted with eggs, bottles and rocks and set fire to a police van. Police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the protesters at several points along a boulevard in downtown Budapest.
Anybody still feel like visiting Hungary?

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