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Mike Jones Says No To Fox

The Denver Post is reporting that Mike Jones, the gay escort who brought down televangelist Ted Haggard, just turned down the producers of Fox's game show Moment Of Truth.
Mike Jones, the former male prostitute/masseur who jump-started the Ted Haggard scandal, just turned down a chance to make $500,000. But not the easy way. He was in talks with the people from Fox's "Moment of Truth," the game show that hooks you up to a lie detector and asks you embarrassing questions while your family/friends/ enemies listen in.

"It would be a ratings bonanza if I went on," Jones said. "But I volunteered to take a polygraph test when my story first broke, and I flunked it, so those things can happen. I'm not going to humiliate myself on national TV."

And who needs $500,000 anyway? "I could use $1,000," Jones said, with a laugh.
That Jones failed a lie detector test asking him the same questions that Haggard later copped to...well, that tells you how reliable those machines are.

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