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Open Thread Thursday

What was your first car? Mine was a 1971 Pontiac Lemans (although mine was mint green, unlike the car above.) When new, the car sold for about $3500, but my dad got it for me as a high school graduation present in 1977 at the low price of $1500 (thanks to a massive dent on the right rear fender.) No $40K Beemers in our family.

The first thing I did was superglue green and gold-flecked shag carpet onto the dashboard. (Um, with an "accent" piece of carpet on the gear shift. Gay.) One 8-track player and ten Parliament/Funkadelic tapes later and that baby took me through my senior year in college. I named her "Loretta", which I told people was after Loretta Lynn, but was more because I liked the alliteration of Loretta Lemans. In the following years I had Renee Renault, Lola Corolla, Joan Jetta, and Jane Honda.


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