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Realpolitiking Continues: Obama Drifts Right On Abortion

Barack Obama's latest statement on abortion has both sides angered, with right-wing Christians labeling him the "abortion President" and progressives screaming that he is planning to erode current abortion rights.

From the Christian Broadcast Network:
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, says Obama would have "the most extremist policies on abortion of any President in history. Senator Obama's views on abortion are so radical that he even wants American citizens to pay for them. This would include Catholics, Evangelicals and all people of faith. He would also expand abortion rights through his passionate support of The Freedom of Choice Act."
From AlterNet:
During the recent Obama pander tour -- the one in which he spent about a week trying to win over conservative religious voters -- the presumptive Democratic nominee unnecessarily endorsed President Bush's faith-based initiative, a sort of patronage program that rewards religious activists for their political support with public grants. Then in a St. Louis speech, Obama declared that "I let Jesus Christ into my life." That's fine, but we already have a president who believes this was a qualification for the Oval Office, and look where that's gotten us.

Obama's verbal meanderings on the issue of late-term abortion go further. He has muddied his position. Whether this is a mistake or deliberate triangulation, only Obama knows for sure.

One thing is certain: Obama has backhandedly given credibility to the right-wing narrative that women who have abortions -- even those who go through the physically and mentally wrenching experience of a late-term abortion -- are frivolous and selfish creatures who might perhaps undergo this ordeal because they are "feeling blue."
Labeling the last couple of week's Obama's "pander tour" feels about right. Realpolitiking sucks, but may be necessary for the win.

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