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West Village Rite Aid Manager Loses Mind

Queerty is reporting that this lovely sign appeared in the window of a West Village Rite Aid yesterday.
Rite Aid simply ain’t right. A reader sent in this image from one of the pharmacy’s New York City locations (on Sixth Avenue at West 13th Street) and, as you can see, it’s not the most welcoming message.

This isn’t the first time Rite-Aid has found itself in a queer controversy. A DC-based manager came under fire last year after booting an “overly affectionate” gay couple.

The best part of this sign, we think, is mention of “anything that would make our customers uncomfortable is prohibited in the store.” We suppose manager Tom Marquez didn’t consider the gay customers in that one, huh? Someone else must have, because the sign, which appeared around 7am on Sunday, was soon removed…

And, just for your reference, here are Rite Aid’s corporate numbers and the number for Mr. Marquez’s location: 212-727-3720. Do with that what you will…
Somebody's about to get demoted to the stockroom. At the least.

UPDATE: According to Gothamist, there's no Tom Marquez working at the store.
Queerty has it that a Rite-Aid on Sixth Avenue and 13th Street posted this anti-gay P.D.A. sign in their store over the weekend. If true, it doesn’t seem like the smartest way to win over the Greenwich Village/Chelsea clientele. But employee Kularee Kamhal, who worked there all weekend, swears “it’s a lie.” There is no manager or employee named Tom Marquez; according to her the store’s manager is one Jose Santos. Something doesn’t add up here; maybe this is all just a desperate attempt at sabotage from a rival Duane Reade?

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