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Advocate To Cut Back To Monthly

The Advocate, which has been a biweekly for decades, will trim back to a single monthly issue in January, according to new editor-in chief Jon Barrett.
"I don't think there is a need for a biweekly magazine anymore with the Web," Barrett said. Barrett added that the magazine will be thicker, with a heavier paper stock. "We will have more room for bigger stories and we're going to get better writers," he added. "You will see more news in the magazine."

Barrett took over editing the magazine earlier this summer; his first issue is the one currently on newsstands that features a cover story about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Among other changes Barrett has in store is a move away from covers featuring entertainers; for example, he said that he doesn't think the magazine needs to feature a cover shot of straight man who is playing a gay role. And of course, the question of what it's like to kiss a man," Barrett said, referencing a frequent question posed to straight actors in such interviews. "I don't think our readers want to read those stories anymore," he said, adding that those features were needed in the 1990s, when it was validating to many LGBTs.
(Via - Bay Area Reporter)

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