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Christianists To Boycott Hallmark

The right-wing has come out swinging against Hallmark's line of gay marriage cards. Both the American Family Association and the Family Policy Network have issued protests, with the latter announcing a "full-scale boycott" of Hallmark.
A full-scale boycott against the world’s largest greeting card company will begin next week, prompted by the introduction of new products intended to congratulate recipients of so-called “gay wedding” and “civil union” contracts in states that recently began granting them to homosexual couples.

The pro-family campaign against Hallmark Cards, Inc. is being orchestrated by the nationally-organized Family Policy Network (FPN), which is based in Forest, Virginia. Several state-based pro-family groups are participating in the boycott, and their names will be featured on the boycott website when it is launched next week.

FPN Policy Analyst Alex Mason stated Friday that whenever evangelicals were informed of Hallmark’s pro-homosexual cards, interest was high in holding the card-maker accountable. He said, “Up to this point, Hallmark’s brand was pretty wholesome. If they don’t reconsider this endorsement of immorality, they’ll lose more customers than they stand to gain.” He added, “We hope our efforts to hold them accountable will help them see the light.”

An official announcement from Family Policy Network concerning BOYCOTTHALLMARK.COM will be distributed to national media outlets and the group’s supporters in all 50 states next week.
A full-scale boycott against an uninspired line of greeting cards that don't even use the WORD marriage. These people have empty, empty lives.

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