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Damage Control: Manhunt Chairman Jonathan Crutchley Resigns

Towleroad is reporting that Manhunt chairman Jonathan Crutchley has resigned from its board of directors. In a lengthy statement, Manhunt cofounder Larry Basile strenuously defends his decades-long record of personal gay activism and confirms Crutchley's resignation. Basile concludes with this:
"It should be known that Jonathan Crutchley's donation to McCain left the entire Board in disbelief. I am disappointed that we have lost some customers, and I understand the anger. It is too bad for the web site if we lose customers, but PLEASE never refer to me as a Republican. I consider it an offense. Earlier today, at the request of the Board, Jonathan has stepped down as Chairman."
As Andy Towle points out, it is quite likely that Crutchley remains a primary recipient of Manhunt's millions in annual revenue. (Coors, anyone?) And I find it rather unlikely that Manhunt was previously unaware of Crutchley's politics. Still, this is a positive move for the company.

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