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Free Yard Sign Offer

In response to yesterday's post about the anti-gay marriage yard sign campaign in California, I got an email from the folks at Austin-based Build A Sign who are giving away 100,000 self-customized yard signs to people who want to get involved in this year's voter issues.
"This is a historic election year for our country and, as a sign company, we're really excited about having an opportunity to get involved in a meaningful way. I've read articles about people who have already donated cash to their candidate's campaign and are frustrated about having to also pay for a yard sign. To us, this giveaway is a great way to make sure that those people still stay involved in the national dialogue in a visible way, but now their sign can be unique and it's free! "
The signs come on 18"x 24" corrugated plastic. One free per customer, shipping is $5, extra signs are $5. You can also make your own bumpers stickers at 10 for $2.50. And if like me, you don't have a yard, you can putz around on their sign generator as I did below.

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