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Gay Dad Gets Abducted Son Back In Israel

NYC gay dad Joshua Glazer was reunited with his son in Israel yesterday. Last week Glazer's husband fled to Israel with their adopted son in what was called the first ever case of international abduction by a married gay parent. Glazer's partner, Eric Hyett, had claimed that Glazer has been emotionally abusive.
A "removal team" made up of Israeli law enforcement and social workers escorted 23-month-old Jedidiah from a Jerusalem apartment where father Eric Hyett had holed up after spiriting the boy there from Manhattan.

"It's the most wonderful feeling in the world to have him back," Jedidiah's other dad, Joshua Glazer, said in a call from Israel after being reunited with his son. When Jedidiah saw him he started shouting, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! And he was kissing me and kissing everybody," Glazer said.

Glazer and Hyett had married in Massachusetts in 2004, but later broke up. The two became embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their adopted son. Hyett, arguing Glazer was emotionally abusive and trying to cut him out of the child's life, took Jedidiah and fled on Aug. 4 to Israel, where he has friends and family.

Glazer hired the International Investigative Group, which located Hyett within 20 hours of him landing in Israel, said agency president Daniel Ribacoff. Private investigators tailed Hyett for more than a week as he moved from Lapid, a small village near the West bank, to the Jerusalem apartment where officials found Jedidiah. Glazer and his mother flew to Israel, and Glazer was outside waiting in a car when authorities brought the child to him.
Back in NYC, Hyett was charged in absentia with custodial interference. All parties will remain in Israel until the jurisdiction of the case has been resolved.

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