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HomoQuotable - Andrew Tobias

"About the only guy who seems to have done really well these last eight years is a guy with a private jet and so many homes that he loses count. In just the last eight years, the Republicans have cut the value of the U.S. dollar almost in half and added $4 trillion to our children's debt. They've done this in just eight years. And now they want four more?

"As an investor, I yearn for a president who looks to financial heroes, not corporate lobbyists, for economic advice. As a gay man, I yearn for a president who believes in equal rights for all Americans. But most of all, as an American, I yearn for a president that the world can root for and be inspired by. Because having much of the world on our side again would not only be good for our national security, it would be good for business. Vote Obama, my fellow Democrats. Because, boy, do we ever need a change" - Democratic National Committee treasurer and openly gay man Andrew Tobias, speaking from the podium of the convention last night.

Tobias is the author of numerous best-selling books on finance and investing, but you may also know him by his pre-out pen name John Reid, the name he used for his 1973 memoir The Best Little Boy In The World. That book had a great impact on me as a young queer.

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