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Lunching On Broadway

Would you take your lunch in the middle of Broadway? The surprise remodel that I told you about last month is already finished and the Times is reporting that it's a huge hit, even though office workers are predicting imminent death and gore.
"It’s a death trap,” Mr. Sachinis, a network administrator for a garment company, said with a laugh. “It’ll be up for a month and then somebody’ll get hit and they’ll take it down.”

“I like it, though,” said Ms. Ong, an administrative assistant, who observed that a pedestrian would be no safer on the sidewalk than on the esplanade if a car lost control. Besides, she said, the esplanade was a good spot for people watching. “That’s why you live in New York,” she said, “to watch everything go by.”
The city swears that the "barrier" of planters is safe and that they are spaced so that a vehicle couldn't get through. Seems dicey to me.

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