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McSuper Makes It Legal

Congratulations go out to our dear friends Mark Superdaddy Kane and Tim McSweeney, who slipped off to Provincetown last week and got married after thirteen years of living in sin. While we all feel a tiny bit cheated that we didn't get to get drunk and cry over exchanged e e cummings poems or whatever, what Mark and Tim did is quite typical of their quiet and enduring love.

Still, I would have loved to submit the announcement to the Times under the headline "Former Franciscan Monk Weds Lapsed Jew." As for the headline of this post, I have an annoying habit of giving my coupled friends tragic celebrity couple nicknames (Bennifer, Brangelina, McSuper.) And I denounce myself for that. I'll apologize to them when Mark resumes his guardianship of the Dugout jukebox as Tim liquors me up.

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