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On Melissa Etheridge And The Boy Scouts

JMG reader Andy in Fort Lauderdale writes:
Last night at the democratic national convention, Melissa Etheridge sang a medley which included Irving Berlin's "God Bless America". All royalties from performances of "God Bless America" are assigned to the Boys and Girls Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts are an avowedly anti-gay discriminatory organization. Etheridge could have easily chosen "America the Beautiful", "This Land is Your Land", or "Power and Glory" for a suitably patriotic song. I'm not really that pissed, but I think it shows a lack of knowledge and/or sensitivity on the part of Etheridge or whoever told her to sing that song. It's sort of like giving money to McCain.
Andy raises an interesting point. Perhaps Etheridge should have gone with America The Beautiful, which, as JMG reader Michael pointed out in an email, was written by presumed lesbian Katherine Lee Bates. A little Sapphic nod would have been nice, yes? I generally like Irving Berlin, but God Bless America should have been retired when Kate Smith died.

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