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San Diego Police: Killed Cruise Dancer Had Meth, Ketamine In His System

According to autopsy results released yesterday, methamphetamine and ketamine were found in the system of Steven Paul Hirschfield, the go-go dancer shot and killed by San Diego Harbor Police last month after he mysteriously jumped overboard during the gay pride cruise where he had performed. The report also shows that Hirschfield was shot in the back with a police-issued hollow-point bullet which exited his chest near his heart. The death has been ruled a homicide and the two involved officers are back on administrative-only duty.

It remains unknown why Hirschfield jumped overboard or why he allegedly attacked the police attempting to rescue him. If the police are to be believed, some may draw conclusions from the reported presence of drugs in his system. Hirschfield's parents have filed a federal lawsuit demanding $20M from the police department and the firing officer, claiming the police acted out of anti-gay bias, with their lawyer saying that Hirschfield was "executed." Earlier this month Hirshfield's sister told reporters, "He is not violent. I have not seen him hit anybody in my life. It doesn’t make any sense.”

PERSONAL NOTE: Hirschfield dated a female friend of my best friend in Orlando. My friend entertained Hirschfield and his girlfriend in his home many times and reports that he appeared to be straight. While Hirschfield primarily performed at gay events, his sexual orientation remains unclear.

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