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Ted Kennedy Speaks At The DNC

The greatest Senator of our lifetime did not disappoint. "Barack Obama will close the book on the old politics of race and gender and group against group and straight against gay." Hey, we got a shoutout! From the Wall Street Journal:
In a surprise, emotional appearance before adoring Democratic delegates, an ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy invoked the memory of his slain brother as he called on America to elect Barack Obama. "This November, the torch will be passed again to a new generation of Americans," he thundered in the voice that has rung from the Senate floor for 46 years.

And despite a grim diagnosis of brain cancer, Sen. Kennedy vowed to return to that chamber to help pass universal health care and other priorities. He has been there just once, in July, since he underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

"Together we have known success and seen setbacks, victory and defeat," he said. To applause, he added: "I pledge to you that I will be there next January on the floor of the United States Senate."

Sen. Kennedy's decision to endorse Sen. Obama this spring gave his campaign a major boost. Delegates in the convention hall greeted him with blue and white signs with a simple word printed in block letters: Kennedy. He stepped to the podium to chants of "Teddy, Teddy."

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