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Homo Haters To Be Barred From UK

The British government has announced new rules that will bar those spreading "extremism, hatred, and violence" from entering the UK, including religious leaders and musicians who preach hatred against homosexuals. The new measures include a "name and shame" tactic of sharing the list of those banned with other countries.
Under the new system, any foreign citizen whose arrival here is deemed to be undesirable will be barred from entering unless they can demonstrate why it would be safe to allow them into the country. Those excluded will be placed on an official list of banned individuals which will be published and updated every three months and their details will also be circulated to other countries.

One of the main targets of the crackdown will be militant Muslim extremists, such as the radical preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed who is already banned from returning to Britain under existing rules. The curbs could also apply to extremists from other religions as well as neo-Nazis, animal rights activists and those with virulently anti-homosexual views whose inflammatory words might incite violence.

Opposition politicians warned that the plans were inadequate because they do not cover those using the internet to spread hate or militants who are already living in the UK. Ms Smith will insist today, however, that the tougher rules which replace a previous system whose legal rules made it more difficult for the Government to justify a barring order would be a valuable step forward towards curbing the spread of dangerous extremist ideas. One official added: "Coming to the UK is a privilege. We don't want people abusing that by stirring up tensions."
I imagine that Peter Tatchell already has a long list of dancehall, reggae and rap stars to submit to the list. Could something like this ever be implemented in U.S.? It seems doubtful. Like many European countries and Canada, Britain restricts hate speech much more aggressively than we do.

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