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Wingnuts Launch Google Boycott

What's less surprising than the Gayken coming out? The Christianist boycott of Google for opposing Prop 8.
Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for Children and Families says young billionaires Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google co-founder) have "replaced all notions of God's truth by worshiping money as god. You might have noticed that their website actually avoids Thanksgiving, diminishes holidays like the Fourth of July, gives sarcastic tribute to Easter and Christmas, and actually elevates more pagan-type holidays to their liking," he points out. "So, it's no surprise whatsoever."

Thomasson is calling on supporters of traditional marriage to take action with their pocketbooks. "There needs to be a response from people who will say, 'I'm not going to put a dime of my money or time into businesses that are attacking the sacred institution of marriage,'" he argues. And the pro-family activist has some suggestions on how to do that. "Don't buy Levis. Don't use AT&T. Don't use Google," states Thomasson. "We've got to take a stand, and our money is generally how we vote with our conscience -- at least we need to start thinking that way."
Let's see: McDonald's, Levis, AT&T, PG&E, Google, and on and on. They'll be living under a rock before too long. Oh, wait.

-"Bye Bye Google, AT&T and Levi perverts - I will spend my money with decent and moral companies. McD lost mine and most I know money the day we learned of their perversion also."
"Boycott the corporations that promote anti-Biblical teachings, promoting immorality, while silencing the truth of the Bible, like Google. I stopped using Google years ago, when they refused to run ads from anybody opposed to homosexual activism. I don't even use the word, "Google," to keep them from getting the influence on people I work with."
"If we keep allowing these people/companies to defy God, & continue to support them, then we can't complain when God sends His wrath upon us, like He told us He would do, for allowing our nation to go against Him."

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