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The Christian Right is SO Disappointed With eHarmony For Caving To The Gays

From the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins:
The surest way to lose the culture war is refusing to fight. Unfortunately, no company illustrates that better than eHarmony, whose shocking concession to the homosexual movement is sending tremors through the faith community. In New Jersey, a man named Eric McKinley filed a complaint against the dating service, arguing that its website discriminated against homosexuals by not offering same-sex matching. When the state's attorney general pressed eHarmony about its policy, the company surrendered on the spot. Instead of fighting New Jersey's unreasonable demands, eHarmony collapsed under the intimidation. In a settlement reached out of court, Neil Clark Warren's enterprise agreed to cover $50,000 in administrative costs, pay McKinley $5,000, and give free six-month memberships to the first 10,000 homosexuals who register.

To those of us in the pro-family movement who hailed eHarmony's commitment to the virtue of traditional marriage, the company's actions are distressing and damaging. Even legal experts on the Left agreed that McKinley didn't have a case since Warren, as the owner of a private company, has a right to keep lawful limits on his clients. What's worse, there were plenty of ways for the site to resolve the issue and keep its policy intact. For instance, eHarmony could have simply refused to service the state of New Jersey. Instead, Warren conceded significant moral ground, opening the door to a wave of attacks on other dating sites like Please join us in expressing your disappointment by emailing or by calling 800-951-2023. Let them know how troubling it is that a company once so bold in its mission to establish "successful heterosexual marriages" is now actively participating in the assault on the true meaning of sexuality.
Yay! Infighting! Yay!

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