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Daily Grumble

My mom, who is as sharp a cookie as they come, still doesn't quite understand email. When she was visiting me in September, she lamented that she'd turned her computer off at home and was therefore "missing" her emails. I think she believes that turning off your computer is like unplugging your landline. I explain that just like voicemail, Lady Internet was safely storing her emails until her return. She seemed unconvinced.

And yesterday she emailed me from my sister's account (again) while she was over there babysitting. Which takes us back to September. JMG: "Don't you remember me showing you how to log into your own email on any computer?" Mom: "Oh...well...yes, I guess. But I don't want my email coming over here! I want it at home!" This, from one of the most skilled and devoted users of eBay. I don't get it.

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