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HomoQuotable - Bill Condon

"If you're asking, 'Do we take discrimination against gays as seriously as bigotry against African Americans and Jews?' . . . the answer is, 'Of course we do.' But we also believe that some people, including Rich [Raddon], saw Prop. 8 not as a civil rights issue but a religious one. That is their right. And it is not, in and of itself, proof of bigotry." - Dreamgirls director Bill Condon, referring to the brewing controversy over LA Film Festival director Richard Raddon's $1000 contribution to Yes On 8.

Raddon has offered to resign and some in Hollywood are uneasy with what many perceive as a witchhunt against marriage equality opponents in the film industry. The LA Film Festival may suffer from the Raddon disclosure, already gay filmmaker Greg Araki has said he will not allow his films to play there. Read today's story in the Los Angeles Times for quotes from numerous film industry figures on the issue.

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