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Jasmyne Cannick Reacts To The Reactions

Most of you didn't care much for Jasmyne Cannick's piece about racism and marriage equality. Here's her assessment of the reaction her piece got:
First, the way I can judge whether an article I wrote was any good is by the response that I receive about it. In the case of the L.A. Times’ op-ed, of the few the emails that I’ve had time to read, about 90 percent of white gays are angry at me and about 99 percent of black people loved it. Now ask me whose opinion matters more to me? Second, I am not losing any sleep over all of the anger around my article; I’d suggest that you don’t either. Third, if you can say it better, write it and submit it. Who knows, maybe they’ll even print it. And lastly, when you come for me, be ready.
Wayne Besen responds:
Actually, the worst way to judge success is solely by the size of the response. Does Cannick consider George W. Bush a great president because his invasion of Iraq drew millions of protesters around the world? According to her logic, he is the greatest president in American history. She should consider that the large response she received had to do with the fact her article was illogical and shockingly offensive. This is hardly anything to be proud of.

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