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Layoffs At GLAAD

Citing reduced donations due to the poor economy and the Prop 8 battle, GLAAD has announced staff reductions across all departments.
GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano said that he has not seen actual numbers of positions eliminated, but that "the reduction in force touched all departments." "We looked at the work we're doing and the mission we have and we had to make a strategic plan to make reductions," he said. "Fundraising has slowed dramatically and the non-profit sector is not immune to what's going on, and sometimes we're impacted more."

Giuliano said the election impacted donations to GLAAD. "People were donating to the candidates and also gave a historic amount to fight anti-gay ballot measures," he said. He said the reduction in donations coupled with the financial crisis meant that GLAAD had to make job cuts in order to stay within budget and prepare for 2009. The way I look at it is that it is the responsible thing to do to protect the long-term health of the organization, and be good stewards of the revenue that donors have provided," Giuliano said.
(Via - Washington Blade)

UPDATE: GLAAD public relations director Richard Ferraro writes to clarify the above story:
"The Washington Blade incorrectly reported that Neil Giuliano 'has not seen actual numbers' of positions eliminated. In fact, he was a part of the decision-making process around cost-containment as a member of the Senior Management team. Recommendations were made by this team and decisions made by Neil."

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