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Lesbian Engagement On All My Children

With perfect Prop 8 timing, on Friday's episode of All My Children hottie lesbian Reese proposed to hottie lesbian Bianca.
REESE: That day, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. And I knew that I wanted to have a home with you and Miranda, and a future together. And so today, I am asking you my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Bianca... will you marry me?
BIANCA: Yes, I will marry you.
On today's show:
BIANCA: You're forgetting something. Gay marriage isn't legal in Pennsylvania.
REESE: So we'll have two weddings.
BIANCA: You're serious!
REESE: Yes, I am. We'll have a commitment ceremony here and then we'll get married in some beautiful castle in Europe somewhere.
And then they made sweet tender love snogged for twenty seconds. Kudos to ABC and writers of All My Children. I suspect that soap opera viewers don't tend to be the most enlightened people, this can only help.

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