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NY: Two Dem Senators Want A State Referendum On Marriage Equality

The battle for New York senate majority leader continues as a trio of Democratic senators say they want a Latino in the post, not current Minority Leader Sen. Malcolm Smith, who is African-American. And two of the three, Sen. Carl Kruger and Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. say they want a state referendum on marriage equality rather than a legislative approval.
Mr. Kruger and Mr. Díaz also said on Tuesday that they would seek a statewide referendum on same-sex marriage as a way of forgoing a legislative vote. The issue has been a sticking point for Mr. Díaz, a Pentacostal minister who has vowed not to support any leadership candidate who brings a same-sex marriage bill to the Senate floor.
The rest of the Democrats in the Senate are endorsing Malcolm Smith and are frustrated with the rebelling senators. For his part, Smith has refused to state whether he will bring marriage equality to the Senate floor. Whoever triumphs in the battle for majority leader, we may face more ugly minority-vs-minority politics on the issue of gay marriage. The Democrats have a one seat majority in the Senate.

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