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Palm Springs Woman Pressing Charges After Cross Ripped From Her Hands

Most of you should remember Tuesday's ugly story of the elderly woman in Palm Springs who crashed a Prop 8 rally. She was screamed at, her crossed was ripped from her hands and stomped by gay men. Now she's pressing assault charges.
A woman says she wants to press charges against protesters at a gay marriage rally last week in Palm Springs, California. 69-year-old Phyliss Burgess is a supporter of Proposition 8. She showed up at a same sex marriage rally, with a cross. That didn't go over well and the scuffle happened during a live report. "It really peeled back a very thin veneer of a crowd that was calling me a Nazi."

Burgess remembers the names protesters called her Friday night as she marched with cross in hand in support of Proposition 8. One protester knocked the cross out of her hand. Others shouted at her while she left the scene. But, through it all, she never wanted to retaliate. Palm Springs Police, absent at the time of the alleged attack, convinced her to press charges. She has also received several calls from residents who saw the attack and support her position. Protesters took their fight to city hall Friday night. Now, Burgess intends to take her fight to the city council the next time they meet. Charges would likely be assault and vandalism. Both misdemeanors.
Video of the incident is here.

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