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PhoboQuotable - Jim Quinn

"Gay sex produces AIDS, which the state doesn't have -- or should have an interest in. They should charge homosexuals more for their -- for their health insurance than they charge the rest of us. I mean, just like they charge -- look, if I'm a tobacco smoker, I pay more, right? Why? Because I'm risking my life, and the insurance company has an interest in that, because the chances were more likely they're gonna have to pay off on me than somebody else. So why don't they charge gay men, especially, higher premiums? Because they're engaged in an activity that will have an impact on that -- on the health care system. That's -- I don't know, is there something wrong with that?

"Anyway, the people of -- of California, you know, maybe they didn't articulate it quite that way, but somehow they understood. And they voted against gay marriage. And the mayor of San Francisco is just beside himself over this. But they did the right thing. Look, if you're gay and you want to have a relationship, and you want to have it -- you know, you want to have it legalized and sign a contract, I have no problem with that. Go ahead. I'm not gonna come knock on your door, it's not a problem for me. Just don't -- don't try to muddy the waters by calling it a marriage -- it's not." - Conservative radio host Jim Quinn, via Media Matters.

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