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PhoboQuotable - Michael Glatze

"As I watch 100,000 people pile together shouting, 'Gay, Straight, Black, White: Marriage is a Civil Right,' begging to be allowed by law to participate in a life of homosexual behavior, I am impressed by how desensitized we have come as a society.

"When I get despondent and feel that the voice of life in our American culture is threatened by what seems to be an avalanche of desensitization and death, I remember Gov. Sarah Palin appearing out of nowhere with uncanny political and leadership skills and a message of God and love. And, I remember how violently I protested – like the 100,000 – for 'my RIGHTS!' to freely participate in homosexual activity without any reminder of a conscience only a few years ago.

"I had the intent, without doubt, to silence every last individual whose message might suggest my homosexual activity was anything less than entirely equal to heterosexuality. Anyone who so much as intimated that there could be a health-related, psychology-related or self-worth-related impact to homosexuality that did not exist with heterosexuality was, merely, a bigot who needed my ever-present vigilance to turn his or her backward mind to the "liberated" present.


"That is why these disgusting rallies make me inspired, more than ever, to speak the truth and offer my love and help to the many human beings trapped by flawed viewpoints and incomplete logics. Not because I want to win an argument – God knows, in today's climate of groupthink, that's hardly ever possible – but, because I do love every human being equally, and believe we all have the same potential. Some of us have more difficulty, for a myriad of reasons, rising to our fullest potential than others; but, we all have potential.

"I believe every human being has the potential to rise out of their confusion, break out of the shackles of groupthink, stand up proud and free, and see things clearly. I believe this is the case, because it happened to me." - Michael Glatze, from his WingNutDaily piece My Disgust With The "Gay" Rallies. Glatze is the "ex-gay" former publisher of Young Gay America, who found Jeebus when he feared death due to heart palpitations. Last year Glatze converted to Mormonism.

NOTE: I know some of you don't like reading the words of "ex-gay" idiots like Glatze or James Hartline, but I think it's important to recognize that these guys are lionized by the Christianists as shining examples of what is possible for all gay people. That's why these relative nobodies get so much ink in right-wing publications.

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