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UK: Two IDs For Those Transitioning

The British government is about to roll out its voluntary biometric national IDs and folks that are transitioning between genders are eligible to get two cards.
The Identity Cards Act became law in March 2006 and the Home Office are rolling out biometric residence permits for foreign nationals in 2008, with the first ID cards to be issued to British citizens in 2009. ID cards will be issued to critical workers at Manchester and London City airports late next year.

"If that project is successful, the cards could ultimately be required identification for all critical airport workers," according to the Home Office. "From 2010, young people will be offered the chance to sign up for cards. And, from 2012, ID cards will roll-out for the general population." Trans people will be issued a card in their birth gender, but those undergoing treatment to change sex will be allowed to buy a second card in their new gender.
The biometric IDs have been heavily criticized by civil liberties groups.

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