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Flashback: Ten Years Ago Tonight

Left to right at a NYE 1998 party at my place in the Castro: Marty, me, Jerry, Robb, Jim, Robert (center, my roommate), Ed, and Ken. Half of those guys were visiting from Fort Lauderdale....the house was very busy that weekend, as I recall.

Regarding my silver metallic shirt (since I know you'll bring it up) - I used to have a tradition of getting an over-the-top "glammy shirt" for a one-time wearing on NYE. This one was actually painful to wear, the metallic threads were ripping into me. So I wore a t-shirt underneath, but ended up giving it to a very cute young bartender at some afterhours club (Aftershock?). He wanted it for a disco oldies party. Sigh.

Thanks to Eduardo (the photographer) for sending this.

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