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Time-Warner Vs. Viacom

If you subscribe to Time-Warner Cable, you and their 13 million other customers nationwide will lose all of your Viacom channels at midnight tonight as the two media giants continue to spar over a new carriage fees. Viacom wants to raise the charges for Time-Warner to carry their 19 channels, Time-Warner says they're being greedy. Same old, same old.

Among the disappearing channels will be LOGO, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike, TV Land, and basic cable's most watched channel, Nickelodeon. (That last one might be particularly annoying for the millions of parents who'll have kids underfoot for the long holiday weekend.)

These disputes tend to be resolved rather quickly once a few hundred thousand complaining customers start flooding cable companies' phonelines. Time-Warner claims they will stand firm this time, but Viacom has posted a YouTube clip inviting pissed off viewers to call the main Time-Warner complaint number.

UPDATE: It gets meaner. Time-Warner will also be blocking Viacom websites so their customers can't watch their shows online.

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