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Toodles To Ta-Ta's

Man, you really know Wall Street has been hit hard when Scores, Gotham's jiggle-titty mecca, is closing.
It's the last lap dance for Scores, the strip club empire whose comely babes attracted A-list celebs and money-burning execs. Once the highest-grossing strip club chain in the world and a hangout for Madonna, Howard Stern, Russell Crowe, Jason Giambi and countless others, Scores will shut down before the new year, company officials said. "It's over; it is what it is," said Scores lawyer George Weinbaum. Co-owner Elliot Osher confirmed the closing. A weak economy, the loss of the W. 27th St. Scores' liquor license and the possibility the E. 60th St. joint would lose its booze ticket all helped do in the flesh factory.
The west side Scores (conveniently next to the Eagle) closed a few months ago due to prostitution charges. (Those filthy perverted breeders and their brazen public sex!) I will miss the daily Scores scandals - all those "Japanese tourist charged $40K for lapdance" and "hedge fund manager expenses $80K for 'client entertainment'" stories! Gentlemen, the stripper pole is closed. Or ungreased. Or whatever a sad, lonely stripper pole becomes.

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