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#1 This Week In 1967

The biggest hit of the made-for-TV Monkees' career, their cover of Neil Diamond's I'm A Believer spent seven week at #1, making it the #1 song of 1967. Produced here by Don Kirshner, the Monkees were actor/musicians assembled by TV producers who were inspired by the Beatles' A Hard Day's Night, earning them the scornful nickname "The Pre-Fab Four." Initially Davy Jones was to be the drummer, but he was so short TV cameras could hardly see him over the drum kit. On later albums the band actually played their instruments, but not on I'm A Believer. (Neil Diamond himself played the tune's signature guitar line.) The Monkees' performance clips for the TV show are considered by some to be the first true music videos.

TRIVIA: The Monkees scored a total of eleven Top 40 singles, including two other #1's: 1966's Last Train To Clarksville and and their second "Believer" #1 in the same year, 1967's Daydream Believer. They are the only act to have their first four albums go to #1. What many consider to be their trademark song, (Theme From) The Monkees, was only released as a single in Australia.
RELATED TRIVIA: David Bowie changed his last name from Jones so he wouldn't be confused with the Monkees' Davy Jones.
UNRELATED TRIVIA: Like Marcia Brady, I had a terrible crush on Davy Jones, which might have been the beginning of my continuing affection for shorties.

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