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#1 This Week In 1991

Arguably Madonna's most controversial single, 1991's Justify My Love was banned by MTV and many other video channels, prompting Warner Bros. to issue it as what would become the greatest selling video single in history. The clip was directed by French fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino who also directed Madonna's videos for Human Nature and Hollywood. Mondino first made a name for himself in music video with Don Henley's 1984 music video classic, The Boys Of Summer, which like Justify My Love was shot in black and white.

TRIVIA: Justify My Love is by far Madonna's most sampled track. A favorite of rappers, its beats have been used by Muse, Jay-Z, and Vita, although my favorite take was Enigma's Push The Limits. And who can forget the classic SNL Wayne's World skit where Wayne and Garth found themselves on the set of Justify My Love with Madonna?

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