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Another Win For Marriage In NY

Basing its decision on an earlier win for gay couples married out of state, a New York appellate court today reaffirmed that the state will recognize those marriages.

A New York State appellate court today ruled that the valid marriages of lesbian and gay couples entered into outside of New York must be recognized in this state. This decision comes in the case Lewis v. Department of Civil Service and follows a landmark victory by the New York Civil Liberties Union in Martinez v. County of Monroe.

“We commend the court on its just and fair decision,” said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman. “But we know that lasting progress requires leadership from both the judicial and legislative branches. It’s time for New York’s political leaders to support the core American value of fairness. New Yorkers should not have to leave the state to protect their families.”

Today’s decision in Lewis was issued by the Third Department and involves taxpayers who sued the state Department of Civil Service for recognizing same-sex spouses of state employees for purposes of health insurance benefits. The court affirmed that the state was following the law by granting all validly married couples eligibility for health insurance benefits. The NYCLU filed an amicus brief in the case. The Lewis decision relied on the same legal argument that the NYCLU used in Martinez.

Christianist groups like the Alliance Defense Fund have been handed their ass right and left by New York's courts. There's only one little detail left to go.

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