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Mike Jones Is Pissed Off

Mike Jones, the man who first exposed Ted Haggard, just posted this emotional video to condemn the New Life Church and members of the gay community who have ostracized him since the scandal first broke.
Most of my anger is at New Life Church. For over two years, I have suffered being all alone out there, taking all the heat for all that’s going on. For all this time, they knew there were others. And they paid hush money to this man to be quiet, when they could have admitted it, that there were others right at that moment. And that would have helped me out so much, instead of putting me out there to face it all on my own. I am so angry at the church. They stated at that time that Mike Jones was the only man out there that had relations with Ted Haggard. And it’s wrong and it was a lie. And they owe me an apology.
Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin has the complete transcript of the clip.

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