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New Study: 16% Of Iranian Men Have Had Gay Relationships

Things in Iran aren't as uptight as Imadinnerjacket wants us to believe.
A sociologist at an Iranian university has presented a new study that shows high levels of homosexual experiences among the country's population. Iran has strict laws against sex outside marriage and other sexual acts such as masturbation. Adultery and same-sex acts are punishable by death. Startling new research from sociologist Parvaneh Abdul Maleki found that 24% of Iranian women and 16% of Iranian men have had at least one homosexual experience. 73% of men and 26% of women surveyed said they had masturbated.

Ms Maleki presented her findings at the Third Conference on Well-being in the Family and the story has been reported in the Iranian press, albeit as a report on sexual deviance in need of treatment. The report also revealed that more than 75% of those who grew up in a conservative religious environment have watched pornography, 86% have had a heterosexual relationship outside of marriage and just over 4% have had gay or lesbian relationships.
Human rights groups estimate that 3000-4000 people have been executed for homosexuality in Iran since 1979.

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