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Prince Doesn't Even Vote

Despite Prince's anti-gay and anti-marriage equality stance revealed by New Yorker in November, now he tells the LA Times that he doesn't even vote at all because his religion forbids it.
He did not vote for Proposition 8. In fact, he didn't vote at all. "I didn't vote for Obama either," he explained. "Jehovah's Witnesses haven't voted for their whole inception." The controversy over a recent New Yorker "Talk of the Town" item, which Prince feels implied he supported the gay-marriage ban, has upset him. It's the first thing he wanted to discuss when the Web geeks had gone and we were alone. "I have friends that are gay and we study the Bible together," he said. He added that two sides fighting "only benefit the third person" who instigated the fight.
Ah, the famous "I have gay friends" line. Yeah, don't hold your breath for one of Prince's imaginary gay Jevohah's Witness pals to step forward. As a reminder, here's the bit that Prince feels was misinterpreted:
When asked about his perspective on social issues—gay marriage, abortion—Prince tapped his Bible and said, “God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was, like, ‘Enough.’”
According to this Slate article, voting is not expressly prohibited for Jehovah's Witnesses, but it is strongly discouraged. Good.

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