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Scotland: Firefighter Wins Damages Over Gay Pride Event

In a case similar to the one in San Diego, a Scottish firefighter has won damages after being disciplined for refusing to work a gay pride event in Glascow.
A Roman Catholic firefighter has received damages and an apology from his employers after he was disciplined for refusing to work at a gay Pride event. Nine firefighers refused to work at Pride Scotia in Glasgow in June 2006 where they were supposed to be distributing fire safety leaflets. All the officers were given written warnings and ordered to undergo diversity training. One claimed that his religious beliefs should excuse him from duty at a Pride event. John Mitchell lost three internal appeals then went to an employment tribunal. Before the tribunal was about to begin Strathclyde Fire and Rescue said: "We reached an agreement without the need to go to tribunal." As part of the settlement, Mr Mitchell is not allowed to discuss the case. The fire service has apologised and admitted they had failed to take account of his religious beliefs.
Can atheist or gay firefighters now refuse to work at religious events?

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