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Six By Twelve

The Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders are working on a plan for marriage equality in all of New England by 2012.
"We can make New England a marriage-equality zone by strategically combining existing legal, electoral and on-the-ground know-how to fast-track marriage in every New England state," GLAD Executive Director Lee Swislow said. "By 2012, we not only can have marriage equality throughout New England, we can have a road map for the rest of the country," she said.

But proponents of traditional marriage say the organization may be setting itself up for defeat. Even in liberal New England, persuading four more states to sign off on same-sex marriage won't be a slam dunk, especially if it involves moving through the state legislatures, said Peter Sprigg, vice president for policy at the Family Research Council. "I'm skeptical that they'll be able to win same-sex marriage in all six states by 2012. Public opinion continues to be much more resistant than homosexual activists are willing to admit," Mr. Sprigg said. "We saw that in California with Proposition 8."
Vermont and New Hampshire presently offer civil unions to same-sex residents. Maine and Rhode Island offer a smattering of domestic partners benefits. Next week the New Hampshire legislature will see a marriage equality bill presented by openly gay state Rep. Jim Splaine. A similar bill will be introduced in Vermont.


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