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Wockner Asks......

Head over to veteran LGBT news reporter Rex Wockner's blog where he's posting a series of responses to his question: "What do you feel about the new president and what do you think he'll accomplish for LGBT people?" Wockner is adding posts as responses come in; so far he's had two dozen responses from names you may know, including:
Edmund White, Larry Kramer, Lorri Jean, Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan, Paula Ettelbrick, Kate Kendell, Peter Tatchell, John Aravosis, Felice Picano, Jon Davidson, Michael Musto, Scott Long, Patrick Sammon, Evan Wolfson, Ann Northrop, Amy Balliett, Chuck Renslow, Geoff Kors, Joe Jervis, George Bakan.
You may be especially familiar with this guy. What's YOUR answer to Wockner's question?

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