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GOP Head Michael Steele Calls Civil Unions For Gays "Crazy"

After weathering a storm of criticism for saying that the Republican Party should reach out to gay voters, RNC chairman Michael Steele said yesterday that the GOP would not budge on LGBT rights, calling even the consideration of civil unions "crazy." From a radio interview with Mike Gallagher:
GALLAGHER: Is this a time when Republicans ought to consider some sort of alternative to redefining marriage and maybe in the road, down the road to civil unions. Do you favor civil unions?

STEELE: No, no no. What would we do that for? What are you, crazy? No. Why would we backslide on a core, founding value of this country? I mean this isn’t something that you just kind of like, “Oh well, today I feel, you know, loosey-goosey on marriage.” […]

GALLAGHER: So no room even for a conversation about civil unions in your mind?

STEELE: What’s the difference?
Think Progress has the audio. You may recall my posting of Log Cabin Republicans president Patrick Sammon's enthusiastic endorsement of Steele when he got the job:
Log Cabin Republicans congratulate Michael Steele on his election as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. "Michael Steele is the right man at the right time to lead the GOP," said Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon. "It's a great day for our Party. Steele is an inclusive leader who will bring a new energy and a new vision to the GOP at a critical time." As RNC Chair, Steele will be the most important person in shaping the Party's future. Steele believes in a big tent GOP. In a media interview during his campaign for RNC Chair, Steele mentioned the importance of reaching out to Log Cabin and other mainstream GOP groups as the Party looks to chart a future course. "Michael Steele understands you win elections by addition, not subtraction," said Sammon. "He understands we must focus on what unites us, not what divides us as Republicans."

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